If you are in Bali and would like to have a different surrounding than your home, consider booking a little escape. Island-wide there are accommodations that are still open. Most of them offer special prices during this time. Other than that, June should bring little changes to the situation, as restaurants and some beach clubs are re-opening, so are a few spas from mid-June. Also a variety of Yoga- and fitness studios are open to the public. Please check in with your favourite place before you go, as most of them have some new hygiene and distancing regulations to keep everyone safe.

Other than that, we recommend that you take a look at our selection of food deliveries here. On our Instagram or Facebook profiles we inform you regularly about current online and community offers taking place during this time.


Local Holidays this month:

Tumpek Wayang – the Day of Art

At Tumpek Wayang all special prepared blessings are dedicated towards the traditional performance art form of shadow puppetry (known as Wayang ). The Balinese believe that the day was the birth of various types of art tools such as the Gong, Gender, Shadow Puppet, Barong and others. Various lovely decorated offerings are made to the attachments and range of character puppets involved in the traditional theatrical art. In addition, many people choose Tumpek Wayang as a fortunate day to perform their purification rite (called Ruwatan) both physically and mentally. The celebrations are one part in a series of Tumpek days for blessing different topics.

When       :  13. June 2020
Where      :  All over the Bali. Ceremonies are conducted at temples and villages around the Island
Why not   :  Donate to one of Bali´s most recommended education programs



What Weather to expect in Bali in June

June sees the peak midyear season in Bali and is one of the driest months of the year. It is also one of the coolest months, with an average temperature of 26.6 degrees Celsius and also the start of the windy season in Bali so be prepared to spot countless kites flying high in the sky!  Although you might still experience short and swift local rains: that shouldn’t affect your travels much – average rainfall is low and often during the night.