What happens during a colonic irrigation?

There is a special, hygiene-assured kit for each person which will be managed and explained by the therapist. In a colon hydrotherapy session, the client begins by being draped in a soft sarong and lies on their side, while the therapist slowly inserts a well lubricated speculum about 1.5 inches into the anus. The speculum is attached to an external tube which carries water in and waste out of the body during the session. It is not painful and a lot less nerve racking than most beginners imagine.

Once hooked up to the machine, clients can lie back, relax and watch the water and waste come in and out through the tube. Your skilled therapist knows the tempo and amount of water to enter into the colon at any one time. There is a gentle taking in, pause and release of the water and waste out, which hydrates and activates the muscles throughout the colon lining. The initial insertion of the speculum is swift and most clinic provide a clear tube, so you can watch the colonic process, through a mirror to see all the waste zooming out. It is really fascinating and an inside view on the condition and quantity of what the colon has been dealing with all this time.

As much as 45 litres of water can be used to flush the colon of waste during a colonic hydrotherapy session. Usually some gentle massage of the abdomen is involved to help shift more waste and generally many people find the whole process very relaxing. The whole experience should be relaxed, easy and very interesting!

You as the client is always in control, and you can slow the water insertion pressure down, pause or stop the procedure at any point. What can happen in a colonic, if there are strong solid waste, gas or a particularly sluggish colon, you might experience some light pressure, very light cramps or slight sweating as the toxins leave your body. Any discomfort soon passes, but keep talking to your therapist so they know and can work at your pace to effectively remove waste in the most comfortable way for you.

Where can I get a colonic in Bali?

There are two main colon hydrotherapy methods: gravity method vs. the machine-fed method. You can get both of these two natural methods in Bali. Purified warm water is the wonder-worker in a colonic, under the expert hands of the therapist, who is conducting a sort of ballet with your colon throughout the process. There are two main ways of introducing water to the body one is by gravity and the other way is with the gentle use of a specialised machine.

1. The wood gravity method

Quite simply, this method relies on the natural weight of water coming from a controlled, raised supply using gravity to create the gentle pressure to enter the colon. You will lie on a treatment bed while the water flows from the system above you, guided by the practitioner without applied force. This is the gentlest, most subtle form of colonic irrigation – best if you are nervous and for easy, step-by-step results. Waste is removed through the same tube the water flows through, so there is no wetness, mess or odour.

Leading providers of the colonic hydrotherapy gravity method in Bali include:

The Yoga Barn, Ubud

The Detox Room, Canggu

Peppers Spa, Seminyak

Radiantly Alive, Ubud

Alchemy, Ubud

2. The machine-assisted method

State-of-the-art and DFA-approved colonic therapy is provided by a highly skilled therapist using machines such as a Transcom Unit, which is a closed system, centralised through a sophisticated unit. The unit regulates water temperature, mixing, backflow prevention, sanitisation, pressure and gives more control to the therapist. In good hands, this system can be extremely gentle, and also used to apply skilful pressure, coaxing and light suction to ‘whisper’ the colon into letting go with an assisted flow.

Machine-assisted colon hydrotherapy sessions are available at

Smiling Buddha in Ubud

Cocoon spa, Legian and Ubud  

How will I feel after a colonic?

You should feel great! In general, people say they feel exhilarated, lighter, brighter and immediately refreshed. Some people may feel tired afterwards, this is also normal. If the body has shifted a lot, released a lot of toxic or stale material, there can be an after-effect of mild fatigue and needing rest. It could also be, if you are carrying a lot of waste that the first colonic takes the lid off, so to speak, and you discover that a series of 2 or 3 colon hydrotherapy treatments will be beneficial for thoroughly cleansing the colon. However you may feel a reduced discomfort in digestion (gas and bloating), higher energy levels and your complexion may look brighter and clearer.

Colonic aftercare:

As a general rule, before and after your session, it is highly recommended to avoid meat, dairy, sugar, fried foods, carbonated drinks, caffeine, processed foods and wheat products, due to the inflammatory and modifying effect they have on the body. A lot of people combine colonics as part of a juice detox program, otherwise eat light foods like salads. Many therapists recommend that you take probiotics and drink plenty of fluids, however, most therapists will encourage you to follow your intuition and listen to what your body is asking for – that’s one of the benefits of clearing and empowering your digestive system, you become closer connected to how your body feels and reacts.

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