Bali Yoga Shop

Bali Yoga Shop is from Ubud, the spiritual heart of Bali and manufactures and sells ethical and eco friendly yoga wear, accessories and yoga props. With 3 retail locations across central Ubud and an online store, Bali Yoga Shop order and sell wholesale yoga products to retailers, teachers and studio owners. All BaliSpirit products at Bali Yoga Shop makes organic products and produces in small cottage industry production houses, overseen by western designers and quality control staff. Bali Yoga Shop aims to express and support the spirit of Bali and advance your personal yoga practice with indefinable quality and ethical, fair trade manufacturing in all their products.

Bali Yoga Shop specializes in practical designs which are made with carefully selected, high quality eco-friendly materials and has a wide range of comfy and classic clothes for men, women and children available for retail and wholesale. Bali Yoga Shop sells yoga clothing, mats, props, yoga books and DVDs, spiritual jewelry and music for yogis on all stages of their spiritual path.

4 Must-have Bali Yoga Shop yoga props, available at wholesale to introduce to your practice and studio:

1. Bolsters

Bolsters are an essential yoga prop for yin and restorative yoga. Having a large bolster to take the weight of your body allows your body to gently soften, release and open. Use a bolster under you knees in savasana to support your lower back or under your back, in line with your spine in supta baddha konasana, to open your shoulders, chest and hips. Bolsters are also great in deep, long held forward folds like paschimottanasana and upavista konasana to support your stomach when bending forward to stretch out your hamstrings.

2. Blocks

Yoga blocks are so versatile and a must-have for all yogis from beginners through to advanced practionners. Great to use for perfecting alignment where flexibility may be limited like in trikonasana, or to help give you a little supported lift off for advanced jump-throughs or handstands. Yoga blocks are also great for stability in deep poses like hanumanasana or even as a stable yin yoga prop, under your sacrum for a supported bridge.

3. Straps

So near but yet so far? Strong and sturdy yoga straps are perfect to assist in your “I’m almost there” binds like in all the pesky marichasanas. Or for hooking your foot with your strap, stabilizing your shoulders and gently edging your hands down the strap in deep backbends like natarajasana or eka rajakapotasana. The self adjustment opportunities are endless!

4. Yoga swings (for anti-gravity yoga)

Yoga swings used in anti gravity yoga classes are becoming increasingly more popular to assist in personal yoga practices. By using gravity, yoga swings are a safe and achievable assist to strengthen your core, open your hips and assist with inversions. Using a yoga swing for inversion therapy is hugely advantageous as it lengthens the space between the vertebrae and to reverse the blood flow, sending invigorating fresh oxygen to the brain.

All BaliSpirit yoga clothes and props are designed and made in the sacred and holy island of Bali in fair trade and small scale ethical and eco friendly production houses. It is so important as practioners of yoga, that we understand the ethical and economic implications our retail choices can make on our wider community.