How to capture such blissful moments? This is where Ulrike Reinhold’s beauty hunting eyes and vision comes in. Ulrike is a photographer based in Bali, who specializes in yoga and portrait photography. I had a chat with Ulrike to find out more about her terrific skills, her passion and her purpose. 

Read on and get to know Ulrike Reinhold and view her stunning photographs of yogis in Bali...

yoga photo session in waterfall in ubud bali with Ulrike Reinhold


Elisabetta Crovara: Hi Ulrike, how and when did your passion for yoga photography start? 

Ulrike Reinhold: Hi! Ok, let’s go back in time, I am originally from Austria, where I attended  Photography College in Vienna. I absolutely loved it, I was working with and learning from such inspiring and reputable professional photographers. When I finished in 2003, I moved to Canada and for my very first time attended a yoga class. It was love at first asana! The practice perfectly aligned both with what my body and mind needed at that time: introspection and freedom of movement and my creativity was able to flourish and flow. 

I embraced yoga in all its different aspects and in 2007, I decided to take my practice to the next level and I completed my Yoga Teacher Training. Then, with a well-rounded knowledge of what I was going to capture, I specialized in Yoga Photography. I deeply understand my clients, I am able to see beyond the yoga pose and the alignment. After Canada, I moved to Bali. I have been here for 9 years now, as I said before I am a beauty hunter, so there is no better place to find authentic beauty than Bali!

EC: What is the purpose that guides your photography ? 

UR: Good question! I consider my photography an empowering and uplifting experience. Through it, my clients feel safe, grounded and, yes, beautiful.  Capture after capture, people after people, I realize that each experience differs from the other. 

The most important aspect for me is to truly get a feel for each and every client and find that harmonious balance between their needs and vision and my creative ideas and tools. It’s a personal and customized journey, I tailor to each client. It is a journey that continues to renew itself each time I meet a different client, which is why I love it. Yoga photography brings me a continuous diversity and fresh inspiration to my life. 

Yoga photography backbend in Ubud Bali with Ulrike Reinhold

EC: That’s beautiful to hear. What experiences can someone have when having a yoga photography session with you?

UR: A personal experience for sure, and… a little adventure! I let my clients choose among a vast variety of natural locations: waterfalls, beaches, rice paddies, lotus paddies, ridges, temples, jungle, rivers or even cool urban places. 

yoga photography in beach in Bali

Each of these has different spots perfect for different looks. Depending on the package, I take my clients to one or two locations. I am always eager to experiment and mix genres. For example, I can mix yoga photos with headshots and lifestyle images, according to the client’s needs. For every photoshoot, I provide a diverse assortment of Malas and accessories to wear during the shoot, like silver and gold jewellery.

Yoga photography session meditating in Ubud Bali with Ulrike Reinhold

EC: That sounds like a treat! Who are your photo sessions best for? Individuals, groups, yoga teachers?

UR: Most of the time I work with just one person in front of the camera. However, I noticed that when I work with two or more people taking turns, one inspires the other.  That is so rewarding for the clients! My clients are usually yogis and yoginis, practitioners and teachers. The photos I take are perfect for leveraging teachers wanting to boost their online personal branding and profiles, but also for many it is a beautiful keepsake and memory of their journey and time in Bali. 

Yoga in the ricefields in Bali yoga photography session with Ulrike Reinhold

For your opportunity to have lasting memories of your yoga practice and experience in Bali, contact Ulrike and learn more about her stunning work on her website: