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Every day the Balinese make offerings and there are ceremonies across the island. Find out more about Balinese Hinduism and the wide range of ceremonies that happen in Bali.

It is said there is never a day in Bali without a ceremony of some kind and if you include all the life cycle rites (baby ceremonies, puberty rites, weddings, cremations,Temple festivals), then this adage is probably true. There are definitely certain times that are “ceremony-heavy” such as the full moons in April and October and the high holy days of Galungan (see below for more info).

Balinese religion (called Agama Hindu Dharma) consist of three primary elements: Hinduism based on what is practiced in India but differing substantially from those traditions, animism (where every living thing has a soul) and ancestor worship (the Balinese deify their ancestors after a proscribed process of cleansing has been done).


public ceremonies
Find out more about the major Balinese Hindu ceremonies and holidays which take place in temples all over the island


family ceremonies
Find out more about the various traditional Balinese ceremonies for family members in the family compound temple