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Ngerorasin 12 Days Old

The second post-natal ceremony is celebrated when he or she is twelve days old. This is called ‘Bajang Colong/Ngerorasin’ and has the aim of cleansing the baby’s soul from any negative influence which could have been passed on via its mother’s uterus (Balinese believe that a child is accompanied in-utero by four unseen siblings which may influence him or her in later life if the baby is not purified). At this time the baby is also given its name. First, a number of candles called linting are lit according to the child’s birth number (urip) based on the Balinese calendar. Then, a piece of paper or palm leaf, inscribed with a name chosen by the parents, is affixed to each candle. The name is chosen from the candle which is the last to go out. This method is rarely employed these days as other factors are taken into consideration when choosing a name.

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