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To help you connect to the yoga community in Bali and Indonesia.

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BaliSpirit was founded in 2003 by Meghan Pappenheim, as an online directory of socially conscious businesses for the Bali community. It emerged as a reaction to the devastations felt from the terrorist attacks that shook Bali at the core in the beginning of the 2000s.

The bombings in Bali took place in the tourist areas of Kuta (2002) and Jimbaran (2005). At the time, many mused that tourist hedonism was to blame and the island went through a massive internal cleansing ceremony.

Within a few months of the first bombing, Bali had lost its tourist trade and as a result the entrepreneurial Balinese were suffering huge financial losses. Passionate about helping the Balinese and their SMEs bounce back, Meghan visioned up the BaliSpirit website, worked with a few of her dear friends to create it and reached out to every Balinese or expat business owner or non-profit founder she knew whose work and business was socially conscious, eco-friendly or culturally celebrating Bali and got them listed on the website.

At that time Meghan’s goal was to stray away from the ‘hedonistic’ nature of tourism and lure the socially conscious, culturally sensitive and eco-traveler to Bali. The goal was to be together, in one place, to properly represent Bali as a group of people who really cared about the Island. As time has passed, Bali’s tourism industry has grown and shifted tremendously and BaliSpirit has had to shift with that growth.

To this date, BaliSpirit remains the only website of its kind, providing a centralized registry of Bali’s leading holistic venues, services and activities on Bali and continues to represent a community supporting local businesses united with a mutual love for Bali, culture, health and spirituality.

In addition to launching the BaliSpirit website, Meg and her Ubud born husband, Kadek 'Dek' Gunarta, have manifested and continue to maintain a wide range of Ubud area community projects and Ubud based small businesses that support local outreach projects. These include, but are not limited to: Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV/AIDS (an HIV & AIDS awareness and education program) and Bali ReGreen (an economically and environmentally sustainable bamboo reforestation program for villages in Bali).

Dek is a deeply spiritual man and his deep grounding in the Balinese culture and its spiritual values makes him an ideal community leader and together, they are able to find balance in the east and west.

25 years and two kids later, both Meg and Dek are committed to their family, the prosperity of their community, and the island of Bali. Every project they undertake embraces Fair Trade principals and strives to protect the environment.

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Health-Body-Mind Conscious

The vision of BaliSpirit is to promote and protect Bali's environment, culture and spirituality. BaliSpirit and its related businesses and outreach programs are strongly rooted with a practice of karma yoga and giving back to community. Each business and outreach program in the BaliSpirit family encompasses the Balinese Hindu concept, Tri Hita Karana: living in harmony with our spiritual, social and natural environments.


If you resonate with our vision and values, please contact us, join our community on social media or subscribe to our newsletter for the best and latest holistic events and opportunities happening in Bali.


Are you in the yoga, health and wellness industry in Bali that would like to partner with us? If you share our ethos, we would love to hear from you. Please contact:


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NGO Outreach programs:
BaliSpirit have 2 non-profit outreach programs each BaliSpirit business supports: Bali Regreen, a bamboo reforestation program to economically and environmentally sustain some of Bali's poorest villages; and AYO! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDs (Hey! Let's Talk About HIV & AIDs) an HIV and AIDs awareness and education program for teenagers across schools in Bali and greater Indonesia

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BaliSpirit Festival
BaliSpirit Festival is an annual yoga and world music festival which takes place in Ubud, Bali. Having steadily grown over the past 10 years, BaliSpirit Festival is now one of the largest yoga and world music festivals in the world, drawing together over 7000 people who share a passion for yoga, healing, dance, spiritual and world music and Balinese culture.

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Bali Yoga Shop
Bali Yoga Shop is your one stop shop for all things yoga. With 3 boutiques across Ubud, Bali, Bali Yoga Shop sells BaliSpirit branded yoga wear for Men, Women and Kids as well as yoga props - mats, blocks, straps, blankets, cushions and more, to facilitate every form of yoga. BaliSpirit branded clothes are produced and manufactured by hand in Bali.

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KAFE is one of Ubud's most loved wholesome food cafe's, established since 2005, and nestled in the heart of central Ubud. Fusing together the tropical laid back vibes of Ubud with a quirky New York bistro, KAFE is the ultimate chill out spot serving a wide range of healthy vegetarian and vegan food as well as world cuisine options, all from local, organic suppliers.

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Kebun Bistro
Kebun is a charming, provincial style bistro in downtown Ubud. Kebun's unique ambience whisks you away to the Mediterranean with its romantic terrace setting, world wines and wide range of flavorsome European cuisine available from lunch through to afternoon tea and tapas and late night dining.