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Looking forward to eating all the healthy tropical foods and fruits that Bali has to offer? This is the place to start!

To support your healthy eating in Bali, we share our tips on local superfoods, fruits and healing vegetables naturally grown on the island to add to your shopping list when you visit the local markets.

Ubud is bursting with tons of delicious and healthy cafes and restaurants ranging from vegetarian to vegan, gluten free, raw and even Ayurvedic. See our recommended top 8 healthy restaurants to try in Ubud, the culinary capital of Bali.

Healthy eating is a lot about cooking your own food and a cooking class is a must-do activity when you visit Bali. Discover the best cooking classes in Bali and learn how to create local Balinese food as well as the traditions and Hindu beliefs surrounding food, communal eating and its effects on everyday life.