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Find the best Bali yoga retreats - click on the type of retreat you are looking for or scroll down to filter by specific location and date.

Holistic Yoga Retreats

11 - 17 Jan
10 - 17 Mar
Experience the magic and healing nature of Bali while rejuvenating your body and nourishing your soul.

Health and Wellness Retreats

18 - 25 Oct
A one week retreat intensive to assist you in applying the Law of Attraction to increase well-being and create the life you want.
13 - 20 Jan
Jump start your way to a healthier you

Budget Yoga Retreats

19 - 25 Apr
Create tranquility in your life through Mindfulness

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Find the best teacher trainings - click on the type of teacher training you are looking for or scroll down to filter by specific location and date.

200 Hours

04 - 27 Feb
200-Hour and 300-Hour Radiantly Alive Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Certified
29 - 27 Jul
200 Hour Accredited Yoga Teacher Training
31 - 27 Apr
School of Sacred Arts 200 hour trainings featuring Vinyasa/Hatha Flow, Yin Yoga
01 - 03 Feb
A unique and comprehensive Teacher Training program in the complete Science of Yoga with a specific focus on the Chakras.

300 Hours

05 - 31 Oct
11 - 03 Apr
Raise your vibration, the time is now!

Special Teacher Trainings

02 - 19 Apr
Join world renowned teachers & speakers for an amazing transformative experience - No experience necessary - All levels welcome!
01 - 28 Apr
Respond to every call that excites your Spirit-Rumi
11 - 14 Mar
30-hour Yoga with Free Weights Training Immersion
17 - 23 Feb
7 Days – 6 nights

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Find your sanctuary for the perfect escape in the most beautiful yoga retreat centers in Bali.

Ubud Retreat Centers

Canggu Retreat Centers

10 rooms

Sanur Retreat Centers

East Bali Retreat Centers

North Bali Retreat Centers

West Bali Retreat Centers

4 rooms

Lombok Retreat Centers

Central Bali Retreat Centers