Double Six Beach, Seminyak: Party & Surf

For the adventurous, crowd seeking, surfing and music affine travellers, Seminyak is a hot spot to visit. Double Six Beach is one of the locations on the map that is highly visited and that attracts the party and night crowd as well as the daytime beach fans.
Famous for its colorful beach umbrellas and puffs to sit on, Double Six Beach is nestled between Kuta and Canggu in the Northern part of Seminyak. No matter if you come here to soak up some sun while sipping a drink or a Bintang Beer at La Plancha Bar, go for surf or come at night for the live music and DJ´s, this beach has it all, if you not weary of many other tourists enjoying their time here with you.


Karma Kandara Beach, Ungasan: Luxury & Peacefulness

This beach is in fact a small lagoon in a tropical setting, which goes by the nickname 'Billionaires Row', due to the astonishingly beautiful and fancy Karma Kandara Beach Resort, where celebrities meet and enjoy some leisure time. It's a unique holiday spot to visit, if you'd like to spend a day at this small semi-private beach tucked away in a jungle setting with supreme company.
Obviously, dollars make the beach beds go round here, so if you'd like to get the deluxe feeling, reserve yourself a bed at the resort. If that’s not your style, you can still buy a day-pass for the beach club only and lie down on one of the sun-lounges with umbrellas to watch the celebrities play in the water.


Green Bowl Beach, Uluwatu: Hidden Paradise

This beach is one of the rare intimate beaches in Bali and therefore one of the best beaches on the island. It is not as easy to reach, but after a steep staircase of 250 steps which goes down 75 metres, you finally reach a secluded strip of sand and turquoise ocean with large limestone caves at each side. The beach is a perfect secluded spot to spend a relaxed day without a crowd of tourists.
Green Bowl Beach got its name by the color of the cliffs surrounding it, as well as the color of the rocks in the water, which are covered in algae and are shimmering through in emerald color. By the way, the nearby caves also host a handful of wild bats, which you can see when you enter. To spice the serene beach vibe up, there might be some monkeys around who try to get their hands on your belongings, so keep your things with you! Make sure you check the tides before going down - it should be low tide / mid tide.


Bias Tugel Beach, Karangasem: Snorkeling

This small and very picturesque beach with a jungle backdrop is situated on the Eastern part of Bali, close to the village of Padangbai. Just a short trip down from the main road through the greenery, past the cape, takes you to the best beach in the East. Here you can rest and relax in tranquility, have a typical Balinese meal at the beach Warung or explore the underwater scenery.
Come to the beach prepared. On your way to Bias Tugel you can get some snacks and drinks from the local shops or rent snorkels and fins to explore underwater life. Especially the Eastern end of the reef is predestined for supreme sea life discovery!
As you can see, the journey to this beach is worth the ride, as you are richly rewarded by a secluded beach, turquoise colored water, white and soft sands and ocean pools among the rocks.


Pink Beach Bali (Komodo): Picturesque

This photographer's dream beach is actually not on the main land of Bali island, but on a neighbouring island called Komodo. The beach really looks as it is called, starring a salmon colored pinkish sand, which is produced by microscopic organisms called Foraminifera. These organisms produce a red pigment of the coral reefs, which then mixes with the white sand and produces this special color. The Pink Beach provides some of the most astonishing backdrops for a perfect holiday beach picture!

In fact, the Pink Beach in Komodo is only one of three pink beaches in Indonesia, being one of the most famous ones due to its closeness to the main island of Bali. A short flight or a ferry ride bring you here.

The beach, which is also known as Pantai Merah Beach, is situated in the Komodo National Park, home of a fierce wildlife and some of the 2500 Komodo Dragons living on the island.

Visiting the Pink Beach of Komodo also gives you the opportunity to swim among the coral reefs, go for a snorkel dip and explore some exotic water species, or explore some of Komodo’s Eastern part of the island.

There is much to do on Komodo, so it’s the perfect get-away from the hustle and bustle from big Bali's famous beaches. Daily flights connect Bali to Labuan Bajo on Komodo, as well as Bali to Lombok and Lombok with Komodo. From Lombok the ferry connection takes around 3 hours and drops you straight at the Pink Beach.