See if the program director has time for you - this is very important! You need to find a person and a program that you trust and that suits your body and your lifestyle. If you have any health conditions or recently recovering from a serious illness, it is strongly recommended that you seek advice from your medical doctor and to get guidance from the health expert at the detox program you are considering with the details of your situation. 

Is it safe to detox? What about if I have a medical condition?

A short and simple detox of up to three days is easy and if you are generally healthy with no serious conditions it poses no risk and is largely highly achievable to do. However, if you are on medication or have diabetes, an eating disorder/a long history of an eating disorder, heart disease or kidney disease you need to be especially careful and speak with your doctor before you begin your detox, or it could be risky.

Advanced programs should be run by an experienced professional who have a successful track record and shows real interest if you approach them with specific medical or emotional questions and history. The most intense and longer detox regimes can be difficult and testing and you may experience fatigue and varying levels of mental or physical resistance. Often some detox programs are specifically designed to provoke a sympton, known as a ‘healing crisis signal’ which arise to facilitate a major healing shift in the body.

If colonic irrigation sessions are included in your program check do not suffer from certain colonic contraindications. You must also check that the centre is safe, clean and that the colonic staff are well-trained and professional, as there can be risks of contamination and perforation, if not conducted with the best skill and care.

When should I detox?

Depending on your health and doctors’ advice, experts will suggest you learn how to incorporate simple fasts into part of your weekly lifestyle. There are specific detox programs carefully designed to take you through spiritual healings using meditation, fasting, teaching and other steps – in the right hands, these journeys can be profoundly life-changing. 

How should I prepare for a detox?

Step 1: Read, explore, ask.

There are a multitude of detox retreats in Bali, so you can start exploring here. You need to know what your options are, how long the program takes, what is expected of you, the costs involved, any extra fees for service or supplements, and how much support is given.

Step 2: Be clear about your goals.

Know what you seek, so you will know when you find it.

Step 3: Keep a journal about how you feel leading in to and during your detox.

List any symptoms or conditions you have, describe how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally so you can increase your body awareness. Begin the process of self-care so you have a reference point to look back at to measure your how you feel after.

Step 4: Gently wean yourself off processed foods, fizzy or alcoholic drinks and sugary treats.

Before a detox, it is NOT the time to splurge on all your naughty passions to make up for missing them later. Your detox will be SO much harder for your body if you have had a high sugar rush just before you fast.

Step 5: Drink water, coconut water, electrolytes – hydrate!

It’s always good. Going into a fast with a hydrated body will help you get the best out of the process.

Step 6: Quit smoking.

Yes, just do it. You know you’ll be healthier, happier and more kissable if you do! Smokers often find that detox brings up large chemical and emotional toxic loads. A cleanse can help immensely quitting smoking definitely as it bring vivid attention just how much the body struggles with the poisons from cigarettes, and the addictive associations we make with cigarettes. You may even see the affects going smoke free has on your skin, mood, energy and radiance after even a couple of days.

Why should I detox? Can it help with serious health problems?

Detoxing can also be a life-supporting, even life-saving step toward tackling serious problems like chronic illness, inflammation, acidity, digestive clutter and emotional suffering. Some programs are specifically designed to assist with pulling at the roots of illnesses and injuries such as grief and trauma, addiction, depression, weight problems, cancer or fertility problems.

In most cases, detoxing and clearing the body through fasting, juicing and elimination diets will automatically set off a major spring clean in the house of emotions, past injuries, traumas and illnesses tucked away in the body.

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