1. Yoga Bliss Retreat

Join this unique Yoga Retreat where you will experience the island lifestyle, meet likeminded people, swim into crystal clear water, develop your yoga practice and most important: have fun.
You will learn how to surf and perhaps swim with Manta Rays! All of this on beautiful Nusa Lembongan Island. Far away from the hassle of Bali, Nusa Lembongan offers a quieter environment and an ideal surf break to stand up and to improve your surf skills - making it the perfect location for your Yoga & Surf Retreat.

Yoga and surf lessons are open to all levels from beginners to advance practitioners.

All retreats can start at any day of the week and are available all year around.

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2. Yoga Arts at THE SHALA BALI in UBUD

Practice yoga at the beautiful Shala Bali in Ubud. Join Louisa Sear and team for one of Yoga Arts' Accredited Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga Rejuvenation Retreats or Continuing Education 40 hour YACEP courses. The Shala Bali has been designed with a Wholistic Retreat experience in mind. Facilities include the Darshana Veda Ayurvedic Day Spa, Mumbai Station Indian Vegetarian Cafe, The Shala Bali Cafe (vegan/vegetarian/organic), stylish onsite guest rooms and salt-water swimming pool, all surrounded by tropical jungle, rice paddy fields & lush gardens.

The retreats and trainings are smaller groups that provide each participant with personalized attention. Yoga Arts has a comprehensive curriculum based on authentic ancient yogic truths, which is dogma free, transformative and designed specifically to support the personal growth of each yogi & yogini. They have an integral approach to asana, learning ie; Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar alignment principles & incorporating full methodology, props/modifications, adjusting skills & sequencing, essential for understanding body awareness and safe injury free practice.

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3. Blooming Lotus Yoga: a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of Ubud

Well-known for its emphasis on classical yoga, this dreamy retreat center offers yoga programs, yoga teacher training courses and silent meditation retreats throughout the year.
Inspired by a spiritual approach to the practice, their retreats focus on empowering students with an integral and comprehensive understanding of both the theory and practice of the deeper aspects of yoga. While yoga asana is definitely a priority, those ready to dive deeper in a more integral and comprehensive way will find their retreats a rare gem of clarity, lucidity and deep knowledge. They also feature workshops on a diverse range of subject matter including diet, healing, yogic lifestyle, Ayurveda, chakras, how to integrate yogic ideals into daily life and more.

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4. Prana Veda Bali - Breathe, let go, relax.

Perched off the beaten track on the north coast of Bali, this centre is perfect for those looking for relaxation, tranquility, and longing for something extraordinary. Prana Veda offers direct access to the ocean with a beautiful coral reef. It’s surrounded by an exotic garden, an oasis with tropical fruits, flowers, coconut trees and a veggie patch. In sanskrit “Prana Veda” means “science of life energies”. And indeed their retreats are perfect to rebalance your life energies, offering body and mind energy work, such as Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Breathwork, Aqua Healing and various massages including Ayurveda. Let the ocean and the magic of Bali heal you.

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5. UBUD AURA Retreat

Located in the cultural center of Ubud, Ubud Aura is a peaceful retreat accommodation, offering a holistic healing programs for the body, mind and Spirit. You can indulge in a retreat package, spend a pampering day in the  spa room or simply chill by the pool sipping on their special blend of herbal drink tonic. At Ubud Aura you can customize your retreat based on your needs, time and wishes. You can also join yoga classes at their sister company, Ubud Bodyworks Centre, one of the best massage and healing centers in Ubud.

In addition, Ubud Aura provides many options to Retreat Group Leaders. They facilitate your choices whether you design your own retreat program, choose their retreat packages, or a combination of those.

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6. OM HAM Resort & Retreat

One of Bali's unique holistic retreat, infused with love, good intention and tangible energy by Guru Ketut Arsana. It is a perfect place to recharge positive energy in ad awe-inspiring and natural environment. The resort is 5 minute drive from the Ubud center, surrounded by luscious gardens, holding the pure energy of the Mother Earth which makes it a perfect place for a healing journey, a hideaway retreat or even for bigger event such as gatherings and workshops. One of the most sacred space in the resort is Yantra Room, which has been blessed by Guru Ketut Arsana specially to host small groups and individual contemplation.

They also provide many options for Retreat Group Leaders who plan to run their own retreat at Om Ham. They happy to support, help and facilitate your needs, whether you design your own retreat program, choose our retreat packages, or have a combination of our package and your design.

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7. Oneworld Retreats

Perched on lush and peaceful hills about 1.4 km from downtown Ubud, Oneworld offers inspiring retreats, starting off every week and designed for those who want to dive deep into yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and cultural explorations. Their retreat programs suits all levels and backgrounds; from from professionals needing a timeout to those in search of inner peace. Together with their retreats, they also provide discovery journeys, including purification rituals, bike tours, cooking classes, rice field walks, Balinese offering classes and many more.

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Oneworld Ayurveda

If you seek a high-quality Ayurvedic Panchakarma (PK) detox but don’t feel like traveling to India or Sri Lanka, then consider Oneworld Ayurveda located in Bali. Being situated approx. 8km from Ubud, on the border of the rice fields, the location offers twelve beautifully designed, incredibly comfortable rooms with beautiful views into rice terraces and the jungle. Each room has a private terrace or a private garden. The yoga and meditation pavilion also has amazing views to the rice fields. A swimming pool area, an authentic Ayurvedic dining room and permaculture herbal gardens.

Since experiencing a Panchakarma is individual for each person, Oneworld Ayurveda offers individual programs which are carefully put together by highly qualified physicians in Ayurvedic medicine. They include therapeutic massages, deep detoxification techniques, herbal medicines, personalised diets, yoga, meditation and lifestyle transforming experiences.

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8. Sadhana of Sounds and Silence

This retreat is for anyone who wishes for personal transformation, inner reflection and healing through the use of yogic and shamanic practices. With Sadhan of Sounds and Silence you will explore beyond the physical into the unseen world of vibration, through the use of sound to  move energy, which includes stuck emotions and physical pain. Exploring the art of listening, you’ll get access to your inner guidance, through practice of presence, meditation, yoga nidra, and various uses of sound (mantras, singing, toning & improvisation)

Moreover, the retreat takes place during a very special Balinese holiday called Nyepi. At this same time, the island is in reflection, silence and stillness; every business is closed, including the airport. A special collective awareness that supports this retreat.

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9. Bagus Jati - Health and Wellbeing Retreat

Set on 5 hectares of hillside gardens amongst emerald tinted forests at Sebatu village, Bagus Jati is at 20 km north of Ubud, 750m above sea level with fresh mountain air. A blessing in Bali! They offer holistic retreats with range of wellbeing facilities and programs, including yoga, meditation, rejuvenating spa treatments, ayurveda, detox program and nature & Balinese culture activities. The centre also hosts a day spa, three yoga rooms, Balinese multifunction compound, along with the restaurant that only use fresh organic vegetables from both their onsite veggie patch and their sister farm resort - Bagus Agro Pelaga.

Besides individual travelers, retreat leaders are welcome to organise and plan their own program here inspired by the timeless Balinese hospitality and culture.

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10. 7-day Transformational Yoga & Wellness Retreat at Shanti Toya Ashram

Nested in the jungle on the bank of a natural spring, Shanti Toya Ashram creates a unique atmosphere for you to reconnect your mind, body and soul. Guided by inspirational and experienced yoga teachers, it’ll be a transformative yogic journey home to the heart, where you’ll fall into what is truly alive within, and set the stage for a new year to come. You’ll experience asana, pranayama and meditation classes, how to use your practice to calm the mind and settle disturbances to consciousness, how to tailor your practice (on and off the mat) to your particular needs and conditions.*
The Ashram is located half an hour from the beach and 20 minutes from Ubud, giving you the chance to rejuvenate in the beautiful beaches of Bali as well as to dive into the vibe of the island’s spiritual centre.

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11. Bali Mandala –  Come home to yourself

Far away from Bali’s crowded touristic spots, this center will welcome you in its magical 120sqm octagon shaped meditation hall, overlooking the Bali sea. While hosting individual travellers, Bali Mandala is the also a perfect place for groups and retreat leaders. They have 11 bungalows with 16 rooms, designed for natural ventilation rather than air conditioners. Indeed, sustainability is of great importance to the management and owners. They support local farmers, environment protection and they take part in the spiritual and domestic aspects of Balinese life, while providing fair work contracts for their staff. They also founded an environmental school for local kids.

Here you can also join special activities and trips, such snorkeling at the coral reef, dolphin tours, stand up paddling and cooking classes. And also join local religious celebrations like temple birthdays and the famous cremation ceremonies.

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12. 7-Day Dharma Healing Fasting Retreat at The Yoga Barn

Led by guest facilitator, Hillary Hitt, this retreat focuses on Bio-Spiritual Nutrition and gives you the most amazing gift of a lifetime as you let go of the old toxicity while becoming clearer, more conscious and more alive.
In each workshop, you will go deeper into the fasting-cleansing process, your digestive and immune systems, your mitochondria, microbiome, glands and hormones. You will learn more about the Chakras, what is bio-spiritual nutrition and light-energy of the food you eat, and your relationships with it.

The Yoga Barn is the perfect environment for this retreat - a green oasis in the heart of Ubud, it offers 140 yoga, meditation and sound-healing classes to choose from in the weekly schedule, a faculty of holistic healing practitioners and an on-site Ayurvedic Spa.  

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13. Rise Retreat for Men, Women and All Lovers of Rhythm, Music, Dance and Life

This is a retreat intertwining yoga, dance, songs, storytelling and silence, perched on the pristine north coast of Bali. It’s for anyone who longs and loves to be more embodied, and to feel more alive. In 6 day you’ll have the chance to explore somatic yoga movement, dance, song, wisdom stories and silence to dive deeper into yourself and the healing tapestry of community.

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14. Bali Radiant Heart Retreat

This 8-day retreat explores the magic and healing nature of Bali while rejuvenating your body and nourishing your soul with Alice Hong at The Shala, Ubud.

Bali’s deep cultural roots of prayer, devotion and beauty offer a landscape where yoga off the mat comes alive and is expressed in every moment and on many levels. Participants will visit Ida Resi, the youngest Balinese High Priestess, and water temples where locals go to cleanse negative energy every month and pray for blessings. Moreover, you’ll be introduced to Balinese healers that are known for their unique abilities.

For more information: www.alicehong.com